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First off, I just want to let everyone know that Underburbs Volume III: Party Mix is complete!  And it's HERE!

Now, on with our upcoming conventions:

Boston Comic Con
August 8-10
Seaport World Trade Center

This is the first 3-day con for our hometown (being less than 20 miles outside Boston counts as hometown) show, so we hope everyone comes and makes it a good one!

UPDATE: Everyone DID come and make it a good one! This was one of our most successful shows of all time! Thanks so much!

Granite State Comic Con (GraniteCon to its friends)
September 13-14
Radisson Centre of New Hampshire

This little show has gotten bigger and bigger over the years, and now it's celebrating its second year of being a two-day show! Last year, we were seated just a stone's throw away from the Delorean and I got to play Fix-It Felix Jr. This year, they're really laying on the Game of Thrones cast members. Either way, it's sure to be a good time in downtown Manchester!

Portland Comic Expo
October 26
Portland Exposition Building, Portland ME

Well, we didn't make it to MECAF back in the spring, but this is a new show put on by the same crew.  I like having an excuse for a day trip to Portland, and I hope you guys feel the same!  Especially any of you who really felt our absence at MECAF.

Rhode Island Comic Con
November 1-2
Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence RI

Hey, this is a good show, too!  Come see us at this one!  Sorry, I'm running out of things to say.

You might have noticed that  New York Comic Con is not on that list. Well, we've been put on their waiting list for the third year in a row, and it's looking like a miracle's not gonna happen this time.  But we might still have something else to do around that time.  Something not necessarily public, but something we think is pretty neat.  We'll make an announcement when we have more info!

UPDATE: I can safely say the miracle is not happening. Sorry, New York Underburbs fans. Also, that other thing that we would've had going on during NYCC fell through too.


How to order Underburbs issues of your very own:

Our first two trade paperbacks are available at!  (TPB #1 has Issues 1-3, TPB #2 has Issues 4-7, both feature 30+ pages of bonus content)

•Alternately, send us a note here or email us ( telling us which issue(s) you'd like to order.

•These are the mail order prices (add an extra $2 to the entire order):
•Regular Issues: $4
•Issue #10 (full color):  $4.50
•TPBs: $16

•Because nobody likes to pay extra fees, I'll throw in a bonus sketch with every order.

•T-shirts are available to order!  They come in two styles: Angela (black graphic on light purple) and Winifred (red graphic on navy blue)

•T-shirt sizes are men's S, M, L, and XL.

•T-shirts are an extra $3 a pop because they require even bigger envelopes.  $13 still isn't bad for a T-shirt and a sketch, though.

•Be sure to include your mailing address in the PayPal message

•If for some reason, you can't/don't wanna use PayPal, we accept checks/money orders.  It'll just take a little longer since we'll be waiting for your payment to come in the mail.

•Since The Underburbs is not our full-time job yet, those of you who are caught up with the series may find there's a wait between issues.  We'll do everything in our power to shorten that wait.  As always, we'll keep you posted right here whenever there's a new issue or any other developments.

•Thanks for reading our comic and supporting us! We wouldn't still be doing this without all of you.


Joe Haley & T.J. Dort
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
We've been self-publishing The Underburbs since October 2006. If you're interested in reading it, simply drop us a line. We'll be glad to give you a book in exchange for money. Blunt, I know, but that's self-publishing for ya.


Mxy vs Win by Underburbs
Mxy vs Win
Commission for :iconschnopszilla:

Based loosely on the cover of Action Comics #563, this pits our own Winifred Pale against Mr. Mxyzptlk to see who is best at screwing with humans (and Kryptonians). I kinda kept Mxy to his more comic book appearance, though Lois has the 90's cartoon thing going on, not counting the tentacles. Supes as a pair of his own Underoos just made me happy, so I went with it. It was either that or a monkey in underwear, but even a Super-Monkey could do a little more about its current situation.

Winifred © Rolling Boil
Mxy, Clark, & Lois © DC
Death-Anne BONUS: 17 OCT 2014 by Underburbs
Death-Anne BONUS: 17 OCT 2014
Bonus sketch for :iconnuclearmime:, the world's #1 Death-Anne fan.  A Death-Fanne, if you will. But just look at that face. Awwww, who wouldn't want a soul for a blanket? 
GraniteCon 2014 - Leonardo by Underburbs
GraniteCon 2014 - Leonardo
This one wasn't for anyone. We just felt like drawing a Turtle without lips and nostrils.
GraniteCon 2014 - Fight Club Mako by Underburbs
GraniteCon 2014 - Fight Club Mako
The best character from Kill la Kill. We actually started this one back in Boston, but finished it in Manchester. Pulling off the Life Fiber effect on the inside of Mako's jacket was a challenge TJ was up to. If only I hadn't forgotten her spiked bracelets, this drawing would be perfect.

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